Supporters of Gustin House


During 2006, the year of the Saskatoon Centennial, we remember with special appreciation the late Lloyd Rodwell, friend and longtime student of Dr. Gustin, whose dedication made possible the preservation of Gustin House. Having purchased the Gustin property in 1988, Mr. Rodwell subsequently left his estate to restore and maintain the physical aspects of Gustin House.


Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation

Saskatchewan Youth Culture and Recreation "Community Initiatives Fund"

Gustin House


Saskatchewan Arts Board 

Gustin House

Department of Canadian Heritage


The Committee thanks the many individual donors for their response to Gustin House events and for their generous financial support toward future programs honouring and celebrating the Lyell Gustin legacy.


With restoration of Gustin House complete, raising independent funds to meet the costs of programming, research and dissemination/education is the new challenge before us.  Special objectives in the coming months are:

  • presenting major recitals by established artists as well as emerging professionals;
  • researching the Lyell Gustin legacy by contacting and interviewing Gustin graduates and associates;
  • disseminating information on Dr. Gustin;
  • partnering with other groups and agencies: for example, the Provincial Archives Board of Saskatchewan, to attend to Dr. Gustin¹s musical scores;
  • awarding piano scholarships to young musicians (this is an established activity done annually by the Committee)

Please consider contributing to Gustin House. Any amount, small or large, is most welcome!  As a non-profit organization and a registered charity, we give receipts for income tax purposes. We hope you will share in the goals above, in fostering the glory of musical art and the cultural vision of Lyell Gustin. To make a contribution, please contact us.